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Passport Photo Maker 7.0

Photo editor to create passport and ID photos for a wide range of countries
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Passport Photo Maker is an excellent tiny utility to produce high-quality ID photos for all your official documents (passport, ID card, driving license, etc.). It can work with any photograph as input, detect the faces in it, add a new background to it, change the clothes of the subject, correct minor mistakes, and print your ID photos using a wide range of templates. It follows the latest requirements set for various official documents in the UK, USA, Spain, Canada, France, and Australia, among others.

The program wisely combines ease of use with an extensive list of features and enhancing tools, which is not a simple thing to achieve. It can use any photograph as input, as long as it follows the restrictions that apply to all ID photos (i.e. that the subject is clearly facing the camera). The program will detect any faces in the photograph automatically – though you can also select it manually – and will crop it according to the official dimensions required for the document selected.

You will not have to worry about the clothes you are wearing or what is in the background, as the program comes with tools that will help you customize your ID photo and make it look as a standard studio photograph. Passport Photo Maker comes with a varied wardrobe for both men and women with more than 300 different designs, so you can have your picture taken on the beach and end up wearing a suit and a tie on your ID photo in just a few clicks.

Passport Photo Maker allows you to perform minor adjustments to your photographs in order to enhance them or to get rid of common exposure mistakes, such as the annoying red-eye effect. You can blur or sharpen your portraits, or add a touch of color to them. The resulting picture can then be saved as an image file or printed using any of the templates provided. The result is a high-quality, studio-like ID photo that will fit all the requirements in terms of size, background, borders, etc. The program comes with the official templates of various documents in nine countries, but you can always customize them or even define your own and save them for future use.

Whichever way you look at it, Passport Photo Maker is an extremely useful tool that may save you time and money. It is simple, and yet powerful and professional-looking. All in all, a serious option to take into account.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes ID, visa, and passport templates for nine countries
  • Good set of retouching tools
  • Allows you to edit and create ID types
  • Detects faces automatically
  • High-quality printing settings
  • Changes clothes and backgrounds


  • None
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